Places To Have Sex Beside The Bedroom

Enjoy sex outside the bedroom with your escort

Having normal sex will definitely feel great in the beginning. But as time passes by, there are good chances that you might get board it. It is because you will not have anything new to do. One of the major things that are restricting us to have the same kind of sex is the place that we do it, and in most of the cases, the place is the bed. In this article, we will see the places where we can have sex beside the bed.

The bathroom

This is one of the most preferred spots to have sex beside the bedroom. There are good possibilities that you might have seen this porn or you would have fantasized it with your partner. The best part about having sex in the bathroom is that you do not have to plan and make any calculated moves. It can be an impulsive thing where you can just start when your partner enters the bathroom for having a bath.


Most of might have thought that a kitchen is a place that is very much confined for cooking. But the people who have had sex in this place will know the awesomeness of this place and how amazing the sex is. It is because the kitchen is a very suitable and very comfortable place for indulging in various positions. You can also make use of things like oil and butter to make things as nasty as possible.

Dining table

When your work in the kitchen is over the next place to reach is the dining table. In most of the homes, there will be enough space around the dining table to walk around. This makes the sex in the dining table a very comfortable experience. Same as the kitchen there are a lot of positions that you will feel comfortable doing.

On the staircase

The staircase is not just a thing that will take you up. It is also the place where you make the women go on top. If you are in so much hurry and if you really want to show it to your partner, having sex in the staircase is the best way to do. Getting the girl on top will be the ideal position to have sex in the staircase as it will be comfortable and you will be able to make the most of it.

Living room couch

Living room couch is one more place where you can have a great time. Even though there are some kinds of constraints like space, there is a lot that can be done on the couch. It is not necessary for us to explain things that can be done on the couch as most of you might have seen in many porn movies. So try to replicate them, and you can have great sex experience.

The living room chair

Having sex on the living room chair is more like the extension of having sex on the couch. There will not be much of a difference, but there is a lot that can be done on the living room chair.