Traveling in the Eastern Timor


The first word that comes to mind when people hear about travel to Timor is “visit”. People go to Timor to see the fantastic scenery, the beaches and the amazing wildlife. What many people don’t realize is that Timor also has a rich history that goes right back to before the Portuguese came to Timor.

Why would you need a visa to visit Timor? Timor Leste is likely one of the most overlooked countries in Southeast Asia having only around sixty,000 visitors a year. Most of these travelers are on a visitor visa run by Indonesia, and they tend to stay only in Dili which is an unnecessary waste of money since Dili is an expensive city to travel to. Over sixty percent of Timor’s population is Christian, making it an important religious country.

In addition to the low numbers of tourists, there are some other reasons to get a visa and enter east Timor. Timor is a developing country and half the population live below the poverty line. In addition, East Timor has a well-developed tourist industry which allows a higher percentage of the population to have a basic standard of living. Many people who go to east Timor on vacation stay in a Bali villa as they cannot afford a hotel and pay a lot for their airfare and rental.

What are the best places to travel to on east Timor? Visitors who want to experience the true East should head towards the east of the island. On this side of Timor, there are numerous small islands with white sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. However, if you like to see more than just the east side of Timor, you can book a trip to the island of Indonesia.

When traveling to Indonesia, you must take a direct flight to the island of Miliar Beach. The first time I had a chance to visit this island, I was very impressed by its perfect weather conditions and scenic beauty. The Indonesian government had decided to build a golf course on the island, which is open to everyone who wants to play. The golf course is not open to visitors during the wet season, but during the dry season, you can get around this island easily by taking a ride on one of their taxis or a motor boat.

When you are traveling to Timor, you cannot miss out visiting the beautiful cities of Dili and Miklele. If you want to shop around, you can walk to Fura and Tambo as these cities are well known for their textile production. In fact, the textiles made here are so good that the tourists can hardly distinguish them from authentic products of other countries. On the east coast, there are also plenty of beaches where you can relax and enjoy. Most of these beaches are sandy, but there are some which have areas of soft sand for surfing.

While in Timor, you can also try to explore the captivating underwater world of its marine reserve Atauro Island. There are several hotels in Timor, which offer cheap rates to tourists. While staying in one of these hotels in Timor, you can visit the ancient capital of Timor, Uldirapakkert, at the north of the island.

Travelling to East Timor is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Timor and the islands surrounding it. You should also try to see the wildlife on the jaco island which is home to hundreds of thousands of green turtles. The colourful birds that can be found on the island of each island are quite rare. The Timor Sea has been the home of many sea-going cultures for centuries and this is the reason why you will find a number of luxury cruise lines and tour companies offering trips to East Timor.

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