The Role Of Internet Marketing In Marketing campaigns


Digital marketing, sometimes called digital convergence marketing, is the part of online marketing which uses web and digital technologies including web-based applications, cell phones and other electronic media and distributed systems like electronic distribution systems. It is an internet marketing strategy that combines traditional marketing strategies with the latest technological trends in the market. It includes online business development, digital customer relationship management and digital sales and service. Digital marketing aims to increase brand awareness, sales, website visibility and customer loyalty.

The internet marketing strategy starts from the buyer’s perspective. When the buyer searches for a product on the search engine, he is not looking for only the quality of the product but also for information about the seller and the service. He scans the pages of the internet marketing content and clicks on the links that appear. The process continues till the customer decides whether to purchase the product or not.

There are many channels through which you can communicate your message to the potential buyers. These include search engine marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, pay per click (PPC), content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Email marketing and mobile marketing refers to using email to deliver the messages to the potential customers and the mobile application refers to using applications on the smart phone to send messages and perform other functions. SMS and SEO are short messaging services and hence have a very short reach to the target audience. But they are also cost effective.

Search engine marketing helps organizations drive traffic to their websites. There are many advantages of this form of internet marketing campaigns. The first and most important advantage is that it helps organizations gain better visibility in the rankings of the search engines. When people search for a particular keyword or term, they usually use the major search engines to find the results. The search engines help to provide relevant and useful content to the user and this helps to make the search engine results more targeted and specific.

It is important to ensure that the keywords that are used in the search engine optimization are relevant to the topic. This way one can be sure of getting a high ranking position. This form of internet marketing also helps organizations to have a high rank in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Paid search engine marketing or PPM ensures that you have affordable ways of gaining visibility on the internet.

Another advantage is that PPM can help you improve your web-pages and make them more user-friendly. This results in improving the conversion rate. Once the web-pages are navigable by the visitors, it becomes easy for them to order the products or use the facilities offered by the website. The links embedded in these web-pages help to increase the traffic to the organization’s website.

It has been observed that many people today tend to click on the advertising links provided for them while looking for information on the World Wide Web. This leads to increase in the number of hits and conversions. However, this form of internet marketing is different from the traditional marketing methods. Traditional ads encourage the audience to click on the ad, which results in their viewing the product or service. However, PPC only appeals to those who are interested in viewing the particular site.

Internet marketing through pay per click campaigns can help you create a desired impact on the audience. As the name suggests, the targeted audience is targeted and the ads are placed in the right positions. Thus people use the search engines for finding relevant information. When they find the required info, they are likely to click on the link that leads to the related site. The viewers are most likely to be interested in the site and the product or service offered.

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