Exploring Travel in Timor-Leste


Dili is located in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. It is a part of the Great Indian Desert. It is famous for the spectacular scenery it offers and is often regarded as the Jewel of East Timor. Its unique landscape is also a major attraction for travelers in the region.

The tourism infrastructure in Timor-Leste is in a very advanced phase. Dili is connected by air, road, sea, rail and bus to all parts of mainland Australia, other islands of Australia and New Zealand as well as worldwide destinations like China, Egypt, Jordan, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, it is connected by road, rail and bus to all major cities in Australia and New Zealand, apart from Sydney and Christchurch in New South Wales. Therefore, there are many opportunities for Australian tourist visa holders to visit Timor-Leste, including visiting the Timor Sea, where there are many ship trips and diving experiences available.

Travelers who wish to travel to Timor can get around the area by road. There is an important port there called Pangani. It is about 45 kilometers from Timor. On the way you will come across a number of tourist sites, including the Bophut, Pangani Cave, the Great Orme, the Great Bitter Springs, the Great Ore Boomerang, the Great Benjo, and the National Museum.

You can go scuba diving in Timor-Leste, when you are on a vacation. Scuba diving is popular there because there are a variety of underwater formations that are unique to the place. You can visit the dive site at Laem Sed and go snorkeling or just take pictures of the beautiful coral formations.

Those who would like to spend more time in Timor-Leste should make use of the available Portuguese ships that dock in the port of Tema. You can rent one of the cheap sailing boats to travel to the islands such as Grande Island, Irian, Hanga Bay, and Lisboa. You can also book some of the more fancy Portuguese boats that have big engines to take you to remote places in the Timor Sea.

In addition to the traditional Portuguese food, you can try other Eastern foods, such as Moldovan, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and the like. You can visit the ngos at the eastern part of the city. The ngos or cities offer many good restaurants that offer a variety of foods, but the main highlight is the fresh seafood that is brought out daily from the fishermen. You should also try out the ngos’ fresh fruits and vegetables, including mangoes, papaya, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, apricots, nectarines and so on. These foods are not common in other parts of the world, so you will be quite surprised.

The best part about traveling in Timor-Leste is the fact that you can get around on your own bicycle. One of the best ways to travel around town is by renting a bicycle from the local taxi drivers. There are many taxi drivers that come to your assistance when you are in dire need of a vehicle. There is an ancient road called the ‘Baucau’ that goes from Teman to Baucau, which is the widest street in the whole city.

If you are looking for a place to stay for the night, you might want to stay in Baucau, which is the most important harbour town in the whole of Timor. If you decide to book a hotel in Timor-Leste you should try and book one in the old quarter of Baucau. In the old quarter, there are many historic buildings that you can tour. In fact, most of the Timorese population still has a strong sense of cultural identity, which can be seen in the unique way the tai chi is taught in the old quarters.

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