How Disability In Politics Can Influence Change


Politics is an interesting field of study that has historical roots stretching back hundreds of years. Politics is often studied by students as a course in American government at college or university level. There are numerous political systems around the world that have developed over time due to different socio-economic situations.

Politics is an organized activity that is dedicated to the pursuit of goals through a political system. Politics is the group of activities which are related to making decisions in groups or political institutions concerning the distribution of property, status or wealth, or the allocation of public resources. The field of politics is known as a social science that studies government and politics in the society. Politics is also suggested to have many connections with disability. For instance, disability can be related to a person’s ability to make informed decisions, his/her relationship with the state, how he/she might be affected by the current political system, his/her opinions on different social issues that concern the welfare of the nation.

Many people with disabilities have found political awareness useful in improving their lives. They may not be able to change the political systems, but they can still enhance their conditions and live better lives. The major activities which can promote political awareness in the general public, especially with those who have particular disabilities, include participation in regular parades in localities, taking part in election drives and lobbying for different rights. Also, more organizations are beginning to understand the importance of people with developmental disabilities in promoting a healthy environment for all.

There are several suggestions offered on how to improve the situation of people with disabilities involved in political processes. First of all, people must realize that barriers to getting a position or a preferred job do exist. As such, there are various policies and procedures that are being put in place to help those with physical and mental disabilities get their chance at gaining a desired position in certain fields. Also, there are suggested activities that must be included in the political processes of various countries as a way to improve the conditions of those suffering from disabilities and their living standards.

Apart from this, the policy makers and decision makers of various institutions must be encouraged to provide special facilities for people with disabilities. Special education programs must be developed and designed to increase political awareness among them. They should be provided with educational materials, e.g., books and magazines, that deal with subjects that interest them. In addition to this, they must also be given access to the Internet, emails, etc. so that they can participate in online forums, write blogs and contribute to the online community by writing articles and other documents.

Political organizations, too, must take special measures to ensure that the right people with disabilities are provided opportunities for political participation. This is necessary to encourage people with developmental disabilities to make informed decisions. For instance, an organization may adopt a policy that a certain percentage of board members must be people with disabilities. In this way, they would be given an opportunity to participate and take part in the policies and procedures formulated by such an organization.

It is evident that people with disabilities face many barriers to gain equal opportunities. However, there are certain measures that can be adopted in the fields of politics and in other fields so that these barriers are reduced. Politics should not be treated only as a form of physical activity; it should also be a form of intellectual activity where one can make decisions based on knowledge and ideologies. The growth of civilizations is directly linked to the ability of the people to participate in the political process and should not be denied.

The government must take special initiatives in providing equal access to opportunities to people with disabilities. There should be policies to ensure that the barriers to entry are reduced and that full participation in society is made possible. This can be achieved by developing organizations that help people with particular disabilities attain higher education, gain employment and purchase property. In addition, special programs should be implemented to support the integration of people with disabilities and their families. The goal is to improve the life quality of all people.

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