Travel to Timor-Leste in the Next Decade


Timor Leste is located in eastern Indonesia on the East Java Peninsula and is a very beautiful place to visit. However, the low cost of living and lack of local or foreign investments have turned it into somewhat of a ghost town. Now, there are still some reasonably priced hotel options available, however most Timor hotels fall short when it comes to providing a decent standard of cleanliness, hospitality and service.

Travel to Timor in search of an inexpensive hotel in Timor-Leste should involve at least two travel agencies. The World Travel Guide (WTM) is the premier digital consumer brand in the Columbus Travel Media suite. A detailed, inclusive guide to all the world’s best travel destinations, with an online portal stretching back over 30 years, its printed history stretches back even further.

In the early 1990s, after a period of civil unrest in Indonesia, a Dutch cargo ship ran aground near the small coastal town of Dili. There were conflicting interests between locals and officials who were trying to protect the tourist trade that depended on the oil port for their livelihood. Fearing for their lives, the hundreds of travelers who came ashore were forced to walk the long and treacherous trek to the island’s port. Some even made it to Timor and stayed in what is now Timor-Leste. However, the long, hazardous journey was not exactly a pleasant experience.

A Timor hotel in the Timor-Leste area is like a piece of history. After independence, the newly established government in Jakarta moved the remaining travelers to a new destination. The resulting compromise was to rename the island “Timor”, but retain the name “Dili”. Today, the two names are commonly used interchangeably.

Dili today is a beautiful part of paradise. It has all the natural charm of the surrounding volcanic landscape, and the tropical climate attracts thousands of foreign tourists each year. Many of these tourists (and their traveling companions) opt for a Timor hotel, which is a popular accommodation choice due to its reasonable cost. Moreover, staying at a Timor hotel is a convenient way to explore the cultural heritage of Indonesia, including its most famous landmarks like the Timor Cave and Buleleng Cave. The hotel’s sandy beach and nearby water sports facilities make for an enjoyable stay.

On the other side of the coin, Timor’s west coast offers equally captivating sights. The perfect place for a short vacation break, the village of Horne draws a variety of visitors who include backpackers, families, and business professionals. Just east of Timor is the small town of Vulgar, home to an active community of surfers and adventurers. Located beside the Horne River, the village provides access to the river’s tributaries and sandy beaches.

Horne and Vulgar sit along the eastern banks of the Horne River, on what was one of the ancient Copper Mines in East Java. In the late twentieth century, the government of Aceh was keen to cash in on the gold market by encouraging development of mining resources around the area. A few kilometers from Horne, on the southwest is the village of covid-19, where the first colony of the New Hebrides (from West Timor) was established. Whence the term “Covid-19”. A former sugar mill at the southern end of the town, which is now the primary headquarters of the International Timor Support (ITFS), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to coordinating support for the people of East Timor, and to helping to strengthen the post-war economic and social structure of the region.

Travel to Timor-Leste in the not too distant future will no doubt be popular. Even if you intend to visit between now and then, there are certain aspects of planning for your trip that must take into consideration. Travel to East Timor in the not too distant future will no doubt be popular. Even if you intend to visit between now and then, there are certain aspects of planning for your trip that must take into account.

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