Practice Safe Sex (Escorts And Clients)

Safe sex with escorts

From the escort point of view:

Escorts see hundreds of customers every year; they need to make sure they use all kinds of effective contraceptives possible. Because they can’t risk getting pregnant, they have to wear some sort of protective measures to make sure they don’t get any sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections. Every single sex expert on the planet urges people to use a condom unless they are planning on conceiving.

Escorts need to keep condoms handy, because many clients will pretend to forget and not get condoms, only because of the fact that sex feels better without condoms. It is indeed true that there are nerve endings on the penis that induce pleasure and it is also a fact that condoms dampen the pleasure because they act as a layer where skin-skin contact is blocked.

Escorts have a considerable risk of contracting STDs and STIs as they come into close proximity with people who might have the above ailments. That is why it is pivotal for an escort to get themselves tested in a hospital or a clinic once in 2-3 months to make sure they are healthy and haven’t contacted anything.

From the customer/client point of view:

Imagine you are a client of an escort and you have just booked a night with a handsome guy. He arrives, you are entirely enticed by his rock hard pecs and his washboard abs, all thoughts of condoms and other protective measures fly out the window. You have to understand that his job is to have skin-skin contact with strange people. He has a high risk of contracting diseases that you would not have even heard about. When he enters he may ask you to take a shower, do that. In fact, ask him to take a shower with you.

That way it can seem like something fun, but in reality, both of you are getting clean. When you’re done, you obviously are going to have sex now. Why don’t you start off with some foreplay, and then when the time is right, the phrase ‘wrap it before you tap it’ applies really well here. Do put on a condom. If you are a woman, ask the escort to use a condom as well. Wherever there is penetrative sex involved, a condom must and should be a part of that equation. If you are a person who visits escorts often, no matter how careful you can be, there might be a tiny chance of you contacting an STD or an STI, so it is imperative to get yourself tested once in 6 months at least. A thorough and full body check up with some blood tests to check for the above will do.

Safe sex is very important; practice it, for the good of you and your sex partner.